Party games to rock your partaaay!

Looking for some party games to entertain the kids at your next celebration?

Then hunt no more....

Dress the kids with gloves and blind fold (or any other disguise to limit access) and get them to eat chocolate with a knife and fork before someone rolls a six on the dice. Via Serendipity 
Pass the "bomb" similar to musical chairs. Each time the music stops, the person left holding the "bomb" is out. The last one left is the winner.  Via Pinterest
Do the Limbo! Always great for a chuckle. Via Pinterest
Have a sack race!  Via Kidspot
Water balloon pinata via Kidspot
Suck up as many smarties or M&M's in 60secs. person with the most, wins! Via Party Pieces

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Party inspiration for your next celebration or get together!


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