Rant warning! Girls vs Boys learning

You know what?  Boys are actually more than just noise with dirt. No. Really!

I realise now, as I go through the younger school years a second time round, that I didn't have enough voice for our eldest son, and I will NOT make the same mistake again.

Boys need different teaching techniques.  Boys won't quietly sit and play in a corner like meek little mice. (Well, mine won't anyway!).  Boys need structure. Direction. Guidance. Love and friendship.

Boys need trust!

Boys can be rough and need distraction to get back onto the right path.

Boys don't need to be squashed into a little box to make sure they fit the mould. 

Boys deserve GREAT teachers to help set them up for life.  

The best teachers can cater for a wide variety of students, irrespective of gender and learning abilities.

As mentioned in: Stop Penalizing Boys for Not Being Able to Sit Still at School  "Rather than penalize the boys' relatively higher energy and competitive drive, the most effective way to teach boys is to take advantage of that high energy, curiosity, and thirst for competition."

Making schools a better place for boys 

  • Boys need rapport with their teachers
Boys need teachers who are fun, friendly, focussed, but also firm and fair.

  • Boys like competition

  • Boys like variety and need to be active

  • Boys like to feel empowered and be given responsibility

  • Boys need structure

The Age reported late last year - Teaching has become feminised and boys lose out  

I am just glad I can see it now, instead of trusting what I am being told and thinking the teacher knows best. One great teacher last year has made me realise that boys aren't bad, they just need better guidance and teachers who care.

I don't think I am alone in this train of thought?