Putting off the inevitable

I have been putting this job off for the past few months now. I am so not ready for this I have to admit. I want to keep pressing pause so my baby stops growing up!

How can my little boy go from this gorgeous 8lb 8oz bundle of joy....

To this cheeky four year old that will be heading off to big school before I know it! 

So today I bit the bullet and collected an enrolment form at School.  It might take me a few weeks (or possibly months) to find that birth certificate I need to submit the form with though.  

updated - I finally caved on Fri 7 June (after a reminder in the newsletter) and handed in the kinder enrolment.

I keep telling myself it's OK - he is only going to be at school 2-3 days a week. He will actually be home with me more next year than he is now.  But still...  It just feels like my last link.  Such a sook! Snap out of it woman! 

Do you put things off for as long as possible? Or jump in and get stuff done as needed?


Tessa White said…
You have just reminded me I need to enrol my number two!!