Compare the difference...

I took the above image today to help decide if I really wanted to chop off my long locks.  Then I flicked through my wedding album and noted that I do look thinner in the face today than I did seven years ago. Don't I? I dunno! Maybe I have just lost the smile and glowing cheeks?

The things is I struggle with the scales. Always have and I am resigned to the fact that I always will.

People look at me and see a BIG girl, assuming that I eat lots.  Only thing is...  I don't!

I often skip breakfast and lunch realising late afternoon that I should eat.  (I am getting better with this lately!)  I don't eat all day like people think. I don't eat rubbish. My weakness was (until the past month or so) chips with a glass of wine after dinner. I now rarely touch these and limit my alcohol intake. We eat meat and veg most days in one form or another. (Served with rice, pasta or spud)

I can't eat dairy. I can't eat nuts, seeds and grains. Which makes it SO hard to find a good healthy snack.

I should be happy with me as I am and stop worrying about what other people see when they look at me. I know I can do more but really - do I want to?

A lady served me the other day and told me I had a beautiful face.  My instant thought (after saying thanks)  "Is she thinking - shame about the rest?!"  Why didn't I accept the compliment as just that?

I have always struggled with compliments though.

Maybe the slight changes I am making is doing more than I realise.  I will just keep swimming and time will tell.

Do you look in the mirror and smile? Or turn away and cringe?