The rise of the 40 plus mum

With the news today that Australian fashion designer Collette Dinnigan gave birth to her second child at the age of 47, it leads me to wonder if we are likely to see a growth in the average age of mums in the future.

Uma Thurman welcomed her third child at 42 and Celine Dion was 42 when she fell pregnant with her twin boys.

Antonia Kidman, 42 announced earlier this month that she is expecting baby number six next month.

Halle Berry, 46, is glad she waited to be a mum and said she just wasn't ready in her 20's and was still working out who she was.

Collette could well be marking the way for all 40 plus mums and proving that you can have a healthy and natural birth with no complications even though you have crossed into the high risk age group.

I personally worry that age is not on my side, given the family history of dementia and alzheimers, I would hate to put a teenager through that!  It would be too heartbreaking!

Do you think we can expect a rise in 40 plus mums in the future? Did you or someone you know have a child later in life? 



Jack's Mum said…
Well I just snuck into the 40s category (3 days after my 40th birthday).

It wasn't by choice that I gave birth at that age but that is just how it worked out.

There are good and bad points about having a child later in life, just as there are good and bad points about having a child at a very young age.

I was fortunate that I had a fabulous pregnancy and relatively trouble free birth (odds of which were statistically stacked against me). If only falling pregnant had been that easy!

The upshot of it is that parenting is a hard gig regardless of age - but nevertheless very rewarding.

No I wouldn't have chosen to have started a family so late, but you play the cards you are dealt.