Top to toe

My boys have always loved their bath time. Well most of the time that is....  Mr 3 went through a phase where he HATED having his hair washed.  He would happily sit and play, but when it came time to wet and wash his hair he would start screaming.  ARRRGHH!!  It drove us crazy.  Thanks to  JOHNSON'S TOP-TO-TOE that phase has slowly passed us by.  He would splash around in the bubbles and then rub it over his tummy and work it through his hair.  VOILA!  A sneaky wash without him even realising. 

JOHNSON'S® TOP-TO-TOE® Baby Wash is an ultra-mild cleanser for your baby's skin and hair that's gentle enough even for newborns.
  • The #1 choice of hospitals
  • Milder than baby soap
  • NO MORE TEARS® formula is as gentle to the eyes as pure water
  • Soap-free, dye-free, hypoallergenic and allergy- and dermatologist-tested

JOHNSON'S®TOP-TO-TOE® cleanses gently, so you can use it anytime you bathe your baby. Also use on a soft wet washcloth for in-between bath wash-ups.