Fits like a glove

We have spent the weekend looking for a new lounge.  Here we go again with the big decision process.  As you may recall, I am useless when it comes to making decisions.

We have found a lovely 2 seat Modular and Chaise at Freedom.  (Take a peek HERE)
Perfect colour and the fabric is very kid friendly.  I am just not convinced about the legs on it.

As you can see our lounge (pictured above) is well and truly due for a make over.  It has lasted 10yrs and seen many spills and scribbles.  If only a lounge could talk!

I love how comfy our lounge is, and the fact that all four of us fit comfortably. Although in 10yrs I will have a 13yr old and 18yr old teen and there is no hope in hell this would be big enough for us all.  I need to think long term and be sensible.

I don't really want to part with the old faithful, and have started pondering this afternoon if it is worth recovering it and replacing cushions to give it a good refresh.

Have you ever recovered any furniture?  Or do you prefer to ditch the old and replace with nice new stuff?


Unknown said…
We love our lounge too, but alas, they take a bit of a beating with a growing family. The new one looks comfy though.