Please don't forget me....

The tears well just at the thought.
My one true fear is the day you no longer recognise who I am.
Or even worse who your beloved grandchildren are.
It breaks my heart and tears me apart.
That day seems so close now.
As hard as I try to prepare myself for this day, the pain is always just too much to bare.
As the sobs escape and I wipe the tears, I know to cherish the memories.
I still need you.
Please don't forget me...


DebbieD said…
Trac, I truly believe every person has a cellular memory, stored in their heart, that can never go away. So, you will always be in your Mum's heart, imprinted within her essence & part of her. So, while her mind may not recognise you, her soul will never forget. One day it will not be goodbye, but until you meet again <3
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Jacra said…
Beautiful! She will always remember WHO you ARE, She will ALWAYS have the memories of you & your beautiful family. They will always be etched deep down into her heart, but due to an sad illness, she is unable to tell you all this. All you can do is, keep up seeing her, reminding her of who you all are, maybe make a lovely photo album, of her past live. Like the people important to you all. Make her room, with pictures of her loved ones around her. Think back to what music she used to enjoy, put that onto a music player. I tell you music is a wonderful thing, people do react to music of their era. Trust me, Chick, she knows you, S, your dad, L & C! But she is in another world. ((((Hugs)))) Here if you want to unload, i do understand all of this. xx