Busy weekend creating memories

We went to see Carnival for Kids with the boys on Saturday.  It was a great family outing. I can't remember ever going to see the circus before, so I was just as enthralled as the boys!  Watching all the tricks, and clowning around. I was like a big kid again! 

I love creating memories with our boys. I hope one day they look back and recall the things we all did together.  Some days I feel like all we do is growl, I truly hope they see beyond that when they grow up.


Anonymous said…
That is so nice to hear. I am actually Koko the clown, the character in the show. It was quite a buzz for us performers as well to see the reactions of the kids and families
. It was more special for me because it was the first time I had performed with my daughter who was little Koko. Thanks so much for the positive feedback. Hopefully next year we can put another show together and come and see you guys again.
WOW! Hi there :)
She was very gorgeous. Our fave part of the show was the clown act. Great team.

Look forward to seeing you again.

Thanks for dropping by :)