Why? .... But why?


Cohen is 2yrs and 9mths and we have hit the "why" stage!
I had seriously forgotten how horrendous this stage is...  Kill me now!

Why me go bed?
Why mummy hungry?
Why me not touch a bee?
Why dat for?

Why? Why? Why?

Big brother is NOT coping at all, which cracks me up as he cops lots of the "whys".

He even asked daddy the other night "Why dis elbow for?" 

Sitting in school assembly and all you could hear was this little voice asking Why dat? Who dat? Where Logan?

How did you cope with the "why" stage?  Did you have a common reply to most questions?


Natalie said…
Frog is 2 1/2 and we are in full WHY force. I suspect a lot of it is simply because she hears it parroted by annoying little children at daycare whop think it's funny to wind people up.

I'm learning to explain why when I tell her something, and then say "I told you why" so she has to think about what i said. It provides a minute amount of peace, enough to stop me losing my marbles!