Sexied up!

I am so excited about going out for dinner this weekend for Hubby's birthday.  I am more excited than he is!  How sad is that!!

We never go out anymore and I never get the chance to get all frocked up and feel special.

The boys will be coming with us. I am even excited about dressing them up a bit more than usual.

I have had a haircut and colour, waxed the eyebrows and facial fluff, sprayed on some tan (which looks sh#t btw!) tossed up which dress to wear all week and pondered my accessories.

I am getting all sexied up and will probably be the only one there who put in any effort.  I don't care though!  The last time I wore a dress was probably Christmas day last year, just because I wanted to feel special.

When did you last get all sexied up for something?


OMG I know what you mean! I love getting all prettied up (and it hardly ever happens these days). I do put makeup on during the day but I LOVE going out to dinner with hubby and spending ages getting ready, face, hair, clothes, jewellery etc. Happy Birthday to your Hubby and I hope you have a great night :)