Sanks! Oops.. Did I say that out loud?

Baby talk is all well and good when you are locked inside with a toddler.  But what happens when you return to the real world?

Saying  "Sank ooo" to the teller at the bank is probably not one of the most mature conversations she will have for the week.

I am lucky working from home. My colleagues are also mums so the odd slip of "baby tongue" is totally swept under the carpet without so much as a blink.

Not so lucky when you are sitting at a classy restaurant and the waiter asks to take your order and you shrug and say "Iunno!"

Telling the Librarian how cheap the "Nana's" are, asking the butcher if they have any "Slausages" or the grocer when the "new tato's" will be in stock is like making a public announcement that you have permanent toddler slush brain.

I dread to think what other conversations I have let slip with the "baby tongue" and not even realised.

Have you ever walked out of a store and later realised you just spoke to the owner the same way you do your toddler? Please tell me I am not alone in the slip of the "baby tongue".


Anonymous said…
I don't talk baby to either of them.
It's actually one of my biggest pet hates and I'll correct any adult who talks to them like it...
Sorry to burst your bubble, no baby talk here ;)
Although, he has the CUTEST lisp and calls Lola Wolley (like roly, with a w)

Anonymous said…
FFS! Sorry about the comment spam, stupid thing was slow and I am impatient. x
You're no fun then :P hehehe