I confess...

Hi, My name is Tracy and I am a shopaholic....  *sigh*

This week my postie has brought to me.......

Rubi - betty flat


Le Tan in a can

In my defence this is BIL's Christmas gift

Gorgeous decorations and gifts from Polli

Cute gifts from Cotton On

Havaianas for the kids

I have also ordered a little balance bike for my monster...  Oops

What is the last thing you purchased?


Anonymous said…
Fruit and veg.
And a tea cake =]

And money out for TD's christmas present
Hi Tracy, love the Xmas decorations!!! The last thing I bought was earlier on today; I got some Xmas gifts; DVDs for the kids, some boxes of chocolates, a couple of tea towels (Xmas theme) for the kitchen, and clothes and coloring books for stocking stuffers!