Somebody slap me!

Quick! I need your help! 

The last few weeks I have been thinking I would like to have another baby.

Now that is just crazy!  I am struggling to cope with the terrible nearly three's and the sulky seven's at the moment. Why on earth would I even contemplate another child?

There have been so many gorgeous babies born over the last couple of months and with each new baby I am thinking more and more that I want another child.

HELP!  Please remind me of all those horrible sleepless nights and the awful morning sickness to turn me off having another child! Any bad contributions gladly accepted!


Anonymous said…
Ohh come on, what's one more!!!! ;)
Heheeh.... Go again with me Sandie?
Anonymous said…
Can't help sorry. I'm just as crazy as you.
A 2yr old and a 6 month old and whenever they are quiet, my brain says "See, this isn't so bad..."
Unknown said…
I am going to need to remind myself of this after #3 is born in March...I hate the anxiety of the first trimester, hated the secrecy of not being able to tell people in case of miscarriage, and feeling sick if I don't eat for more than a few minutes. The problem here is I love second half of pregnancy, love labour and birth and love newborns. Sorry only a little bit helpful :(
strawberrysmum said…
Pregnant here, first trimester and I can tell you my breasts ACHE like they are full of hot rocks, I feel bloated, nauseous, constipated, vague and could compete in the Extreme Tiredness Olympics.

It's a barrel 'a laughs! :)
Keep em coming. I am slowly second guessing myself now!