The latest craze for boys!

Zibits are the most adorable mini remote controlled robot you will ever see!
Both our boys (2yrs and 7yrs) LOVE these little fella's and I think I will be conned into buying each different one this Christmas. They are fantastic little stocking fillers and well worth purchasing.

Mr 2 thinks it is the BEST thing ever, and sits for ages watching it go round and round. He hasn't quite worked out that it can go in other directions as well!

You can also purchase various playsets which will keep the kids busy for hours!

Available from all major toy retailers and independent toy stores from RRP* $16.99

Squinkies are another craze Mr 7 has recently been hooked on and he is fascinated by the various characters in the collection.

Squinkies are cool little mini creatures and pencil toppers that fit in the palm of your hand. You can also battle your favourite Squinkies against your friends.

If you struggle, like I do, to find stocking fillers for boys I highly recommend you add these to the list this year!  You won't be disappointed.

Squinkies are available at all major toy retailers from RRP$14.99


The Zibits look like fun, adding them to my list for my fives.xo thank you
themodernparent said…
Thanks, will be sure to check these out.