How I can help you with your social media platforms

 How I can help you with your social media platforms

I have over ten years experience in the Social Media and Content industry.

I have most recently been very focused on content creation, including content production, sourcing content, and content research.
I have great organisation and communication skills and have worked closely with many PR’s in the past.

I am confident in Wordpress.

I can manage your social media presence among other tasks, from as little as one hour per week. This is particularly great for small businesses wanting to grow their reach, but don't have the big budget.

I'll use a tone that reflects your business to reach a wider audience through engaging with individuals, organisations and business in your sector. I'll strike the right balance between 'sales', engagement, discussion and fun (because that's why people use social media).

If you need your social media pages set up, I am more than happy to guide you or take the reins.

We can discuss your needs and agree on the time input that suits your business and budget.
I can improve your audience and take care of the content of your Social Media pages.
Posts must be eye catching, relevant to your client/market, contain the most important hashtags and one link. You will have a great outcome resulting with beautiful and relevant posts, which generates: comments, likes, shares, re-tweets and real followers.

Alternately I can liaise with business, clients, PR’s on your behalf so you can free up time to concentrate on your own priorities.
I am more than experienced in the below tasks….

Social Media: Facebook, Creator Studio, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter
  • Sourcing photos and content
  • Scheduling posts
  • Answering customer enquiries
  • Moderation and engagement

  • Uploading
  • Optimisation

Content creation
  • Sourcing stories to share and breaking news leads. Research.

I have also worked with PR’s to source products for competitions/promotional draw cards

Experienced in ….
  • Wordpress 
  • Google Analytics
  • Youtube optimisation
  • Social media scheduling, moderation and community engagement
  • Mailchimp
  • Data input/mailing list info
  • Event sourcing and listings 
  • Prize sourcing and competition management
  • Content sourcing, creation, research
  • Photoshop 
  • PR or client relations

What you receive -

I work remotely (TAS based) you can contact me via Skype, Facebook messaging, or good old phone/text within business hours. 9am - 5pm Mon - Fri

My work consists of a number of services as listed below for a minimum hourly rate. 

Services available
Posts on Facebook which would include -
  • Sourcing photos and content
  • Scheduling posts
  •  Twitter + Retweets or interactions
  •  Pins on Pinterest per week and the creation of new boards
  •  Posts on Instagram
  •  Uploads to Youtube
  •  Blog post (content creation)
  • Respond and engage with followers in a timely manner to comments on your page
  •  Work with PR’s to source products for competitions/promotional draw cards
  • Liaise with business/clients on your behalf
  •  Liaise with bloggers for any blogger outreach availability
  •  Mailchimp newsletter setup and creation

What I need from YOU
I'll need the log in details of the pages you wish me to manage. (an email and a password); and to become an editor of the Facebook page. Also a strong understanding of the conception of your brand/business.
- Company information
- Photos including all product info/costs etc if required
- Links to your website
- what companies do you aspire to?
  • Your marketing strategy goals
  • Who is your target market?
  • Who are your main competitors?
  • What do you expect from your Social media pages (reach, likes, growth etc)

The message for brands to succeed - Be relevant!  Know your customers and what they want from you, talk to them in a way that makes them want to see more of you in their news feed.
Are you getting it to the right people?
Listen - see what they say about you!
Be authentic -  Are you representing your brand authentically.
Be relevant - engaging and compelling to a wide audience.
Be open - Don't do a standard response, be honest to your audience.
Be bold - are you just another one that does exactly the same thing.  stand out be bold.
Be surprising: Are you surprising?  Figure out how YOU can be surprising compared to your competitors.
Be present – Don’t have standard responses, don’t work from afar and give them what you think they want.
Be kind!  Kindness is the key! Brands that are kind smash it!

The message...
Right people… Right time… Right vehicle....

For more information feel free to email me via and I will provide a contact number for you to chat further.

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