Top 10 Must-Have Smiggle Gifts

Top 10 Must-Have Smiggle Gifts  

The definitive Smiggle ‘I just must have it!!’ Chrissie pressie list… how do you choose just one??

1. Mood/Predicto Watch    RRP $39.95
2. Mechanical  Money Boxes  RRP $29.95
3. Fold Up Neon Headphones  RRP $36.95
4. Scented Party Hardtop Pencil Case RRP $26.95
5. Wobble Clock     RRP $29.95
6. Fluffy Bunch Lockable Notebook RRP $24.95
7. Triple Pencil Case Kit    RRP $34.95
8. Scented Party Pop Out Pencil Case RRP $29.95
9. Mega Swirl Cosmic Light  RRP $39.95
10. Pals Pencil Case Series 2  RRP $22.95 

Top 10 Creative Smiggle Gifts 

Get your craft on with these fun Smiggle packs that will keep you busy all holiday long.
1. DIY Journal Kit    RRP $36.95
2. Friends Happy Mail Journal  RRP $24.95
3. Dance Fashion Designer Book  RRP $22.95
4. DIY Peel ‘n’ Stick Jewellery Kit RRP $22.95
5. DIY Headphones Kit   RRP $29.95
6. Glimmer Shimmer Bracelets  RRP $19.95
7. DIY Dream Catcher Kit   RRP $22.95
8. Sand, Glitter & Foil Art Book  RRP $24.95
9. DIY Balloon Animal Kit   RRP $19.95
10. Squiggle and Scratch Book RRP $19.95

Stuff Your Stockings with Smiggle’s Top 10 Under $15

Looking for something extra to stuff those stockings? Smiggle has you covered with cool and quirky goodies for a bargain price! 

1. Glopper Goo   RRP $14.95
2. Lip Balm Slapband  RRP $9.95
3. Light Me Up Fan Pen  RRP $12.95
4. Wiggly Jiggly Pen   RRP $14.95
5. Rainbow Bunch Pen  RRP $7.95
6. Nail Varnish Eraser  RRP $3.50
7. Fluffy Friends Keyring  RRP $11.95
8. Eraser Gift Box   RRP $12.95
9. Scented HB 4 Pencil Pack RRP $5.95
10. Spikey Mix Keyring  RRP $6.95

But wait there’s (even) more….. Smiggle’s product range is enormous.  Everything you need for school, homework or FUN can be found at Smiggle.  Smiggle’s products are designed to inspire and develop creativity with original, fun and affordable stationery, accessories, gadgets and more, all in our bright fun, colours of pink, purple, green, blue and black.

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