Kids flip out for FlipaZoo

Kids will flip for FlipaZoo, the adorable plush toy animal pillow that’s not one, but two!! 

Each fun-stuffed FlipaZoo features two soft plush characters that flip back and forth for double the fun. 

FlipaZoo is easy to do, just hold and flip.  The surprise takes place before your eyes – just pull them here, and flip them there, each lovable, huggable FlipaZoo character is two wonderful collectibles in one. 

Collect all six great styles that flip into 12 amazing and colourful characters including:  Unicorn to Dragon, Giraffe to Hippo, Tiger to Elephant, Hedgehog to Turtle, Bee to Ladybug, and Husky to Polar Bear. 

Perfect for snuggles, cuddles, sleep and play, start collecting and create your own FlipaZoo! 

The 40cm, soft high quality plush is an ideal gift for kids of all ages.  FlipaZoo is safe, washable and available in an array of characters. 

You'll flip for them! They'll flip for you! 

FlipaZoo characters are available exclusively from Big W for RRP $29.99.  For more information, visit