You hit like a bitch

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It has been one of THOSE weeks.

Lost my job. Big shock. Sad. But you know what? I learnt some awesome tricks under some awesome people, so I am moving on and very thankful for that experience.

Jnr BZ got sick within two days of the news I no longer had a job.  That kept me busy and distracted so I had no time to dwell and mope.

Jnr BZ STILL sick over a week later and is now being treated for a chest infection/possible pneumonia. Hoping we got into it early enough to beat the little bugger though and have a happy little boy bouncing off the walls again in another day or so. Fingers crossed!

Me, Started coughing. Nope NOT happening. We are NOT even talking about it.

I am still here. You can't keep me down. I am ready to stand up and shout "you hit like a bitch" and I am totally ready to fight back.

Bring on the next week. It is going to be awesome. It really IS!


Unknown said…
YEAH! You tell it. Sometimes life gets larger than us and that's OK. It's meant to. If it didn't, it would be boring. I love your attitude and I love you! Well done darlin'. Keep swinging.