Motivating grumpy tweens - Active distractions

Another junior footy season has come to an end in the BZ household which means we now have a tween, that if left to ponder for too long, will sink into the depths of the lazy tweendrums (dull drums in adult speak.)

So we are determined to keep him motivated and get him pumped for the next sport to sink his teeth into.  Problem is, it doesn't look like any of the Summer sports he is considering (ie Cricket or Little Athletics) start for a couple of more months.

I find when he has a focus on something outside of home and school, it stops the anxiety creeping in and also keeps him on track at school.

I suggested swimming might be good to get us by until then, but he is not keen on that idea at all.

Hit me with your good active motivators for tweens and teens. Please!

Active distractions for tweens
Jogging around the block
Walking the dog
Swimming laps
Bike/scooter riding
Lego club (must investigate more)
Rock climbing (safely!)
Learning a new trick - ie skateboarding, roller skating
Drawing is often the best distraction for our tween
Writing a good story, while not active for the body it is great for the mind and soul!

And good old fresh air is always a winner while running around the park kicking a ball, or climbing trees. Although that sometimes isn't too cool when you get older.  Thankfully both my boys still love it.

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