Construction fun for young and old!

The young and old members of the BZ household have been thoroughly enjoying testing out Geomag.

It is great fun, and definitely something we will be adding to the Santa list this year. So many creations to be made and you can just add more, more and more!

Guess what is going to school this week for show and tell?  The theme is "something that needs a pull" and Mst 6 decided Geomag was the perfect thing to take!

Geomag is the ultimate construction toy enhanced by the magic and intrigue of magnets, ensuring that the educational benefits that kids learn during play are ones that will stick!

Produced in Switzerland to the most stringent international toys standards, Geomag is now set to entertain and inspire Aussie kids from three to 103, all while providing a wealth of educational benefits developing math, problem-solving, spacial, coordination, creative and thinking skills. 

The characteristics of movement and the fascination of magnetism makes Geomag a unique construction toy.  Fun and easy for little hands to manipulate, Geomag ensures that creativity never gives way to frustration. Kids can build ambitiously, big and fast, limited only by their imaginations.

Perfectly timed for the cool, indoor play season, four inspiring “lines’ of Geomag hit Aussie toy shelves in May:

This classic set combines magnetic rods, non-magnetic spheres and various accessories to build unlimited models and constructions in a very simple and fun way. 
Five colourful sets containing between 30 to 120 pieces starting from $30 rrp

The addition of bright and transparent panels that give more rigidity, colour and appeal to the rods and sphere constructions.  Triangles, squares and pentagonal panels in many different colours across five sets containing from 22 to 180 pieces. From $20 rrp

GEOMAG E-Motion Magic Spin:
E-Motion expresses the concept of dynamism contained in the Geomag play activity and allows kids to build fun creations in motion, giving life to surprising optical effects.  This collection has special accessories and instructions to create spinning tops and many dynamic constructions.  Available in three various sets starting from the basic ‘speedy spin’ up to the ‘magic spin’, these sets contain from 10 to 38 pieces.  From $30 rrp

GEOMAG Glitter: 
Glitterised rods and panels in new fashion and glamour colours.  Girls will love making creations with magical sparkly effects.  Geomag Glitter is available in four sets with a piece count from 22 to 68.  From $20 rrp

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Disclosure: Product supplied for review.


MammaRajSays said…
Wow! Don't these look fancy and I have to say I love entertainment that can cover most age groups - winning! Definitely a great one for Santa I say!