What you need to remember when you're not under mummy's wing!

School holidays are here in Tasmania, finally, which means the tween of the BZ household will be off spending time with his grandad fishing and getting up to lots of mischief.

That mischief gets more and more out of MY comfort zone than you could ever imagine.

There was even talk of a fishing trip this time round.  Cue panic attack!

The last few months I have had to get used to spending just a few days here and there away from our tween.  It is a HUGE shock to the system though I must say. Two nights was the most we were ever apart until he started his holiday trips with pop.

This blog from Unchartered Parent helped me realise it is important to send our kids off into the big wide world to spread their wings.

Things I Want My Son to Remember as He Leaves Home for the First Time

Unchartered Parent included things I hope you will keep in mind when I’m not there to pester remind you:

*Have fun
*Be kind
*Eat something besides pizza and pasta. Watch the additives!
*Try new things
*Take a shower at least every other day
*If a little homesickness does sneak up on you, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that
*Wear sunscreen
*Have a great time

I love her reminders. I also want to add a couple more...

*Help tidy up
*Wear a hat
*Always wear your lifejacket
*Be sensible and remember the safety requirements
*Make your bed
*Wear warm clothes (take your jacket!)
*Brush your teeth!
*Enjoy the lollies and extra treats
*Make the most of your time little bro free
*Talk. Listen. Watch and learn
*Make every second count
*Don't forget I LOVE YOU