What you don't know about parenting a tween

THIS! This is the read of the week for me - 36 Things No One Tells You About Parenting an Almost-Teenage Boy via babble

As Lori wrote "When it comes to parenting an almost-teenage boy, you deserve to know these silly and serious truths"

I picked out my fave, most relevant ones to us....
#2. You’ll have to beg them to wash their face. Make that shower, at all!
#3. Bigger kids = bigger problems.
#6. You’ll need to hide food or risk going hungry.
#7. They’ll need you and sometimes resent you for it.
#8. They’re good for labour and brute strength.
#11. They won’t tell you when they’re hurting and it’ll both hurt and scare you.
#13. You can’t fix everything anymore.
#17. They won’t need you when you think they will and will need you when you think they probably shouldn’t.
#19. They’re smart enough to be dangerous …
#20. … and just dumb enough to be really dangerous.
#21. You’ll blame yourself for every foolish mistake your kid makes. And they’ll know it. And maybe even work it to their advantage.
#23. You’ll bargain with them even though you swore you never would.
#25. Their manners will become very important to you.
#26. You’ll get weird glimpses of the man they’ll soon become.
#27. You’ll get weird glimpses of the child they once were.
#28. They’re great fun to talk to when they feel like talking.

The most important ones....
#35. They’re going to be fine. No, really.
#36. You’re doing an awesome job. NO, REALLY.

Does any of this ring true to you?

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