Toys through the generations: Getting back to basics

A big part of my little preppies last term was spent discussing what toys their grandparents and great grandparents played with compared to what kids play with today.

It really highlights how much joy our kids miss out on compared to the risks involved in the olden days.

Things like....

Fire crackers
Bow and arrow
Sling shot
Billy carts
Metal maypole

While kids today have a "modern" version of some of these activities. I don't think it is the same as the good old fashioned ones, unless home made like my boys have been lucky to do with their pop. Nothing beats those memories to treasure forever.

Popular toys of yesteryear included
Old dolls
Playing cards and ball games
Wooden blocks
Mechanical jack in the box
Metal, Tin, wind up toys, cars and trucks
Spinning top
Toy soldiers
Model planes, cars and trains
Cap guns
Lead toys

Popular toys today include
Play Station

See my point? Yes there is a great deal of kids that spend their days outside, but are the most part missing out?

Playing with a stick and spending hours creating a good potion with whatever you can find
Climbing trees and making cubby houses in the bush. Rope swings and hopscotch. Skipping stones and carving shapes. These are all good old fashioned games and activities I still try and encourage the kids to become involved with so these basic old games will be carried on down the generations.

Let's not allow the good old fashioned way to play ever die.  Keep that spirit alive!

Have I missed any good old fashioned games or toys?  What is your favourite?