The importance of teaching kids old fashioned courtesy

I love this post from Your Modern Family - 5 practical ways to teach your sons to be gentlemen when they grow up.

Her post talks about teaching boys a strong handshake, how to knot a tie, how to cook pancakes, how to serve others and even how to paint a room. Bit random that one.

It got me thinking of today's generation and if they are taught enough good old fashioned manners and courtesy's.

I am a HUGE believer of teaching kids to show respect to everyone and remember their place.

Courtesy teaches our children to be respectful and considerate of others. Courteous behaviour requires a selfless attitude and can give them a better understanding of other peoples situations. Kindness and consideration can build their reputation as a respectable, thoughtful person.

I believe kids should still be taught a good strong handshake. Using manners when on public transport and thanking the bus driver as they step off. Moving seats if someone else is more in need. Speaking politely to staff, looking them in the eye, not having distractions (like a phone in hand!) and even learning to order for themselves when at a restaurant or similar.

Apologising when they are in the wrong. Like bumping into someone in a shopping centre. Don't just shrug and keep walking, turn and say sorry.

I am FOREVER nagging them to remember their table manners. Pick up their clothes and encourage them to help with basic cooking to instil some survival skills and simply being able to assist others if ever needed.

Sending 'thank you' notes is not something I expect kids to worry about, but I have always been courteous to send them myself after special occasions etc.  These things are becoming quite rare!

Kids need to learn to solve their own problems. You kicked the ball over the fence, so you can now knock on the neighbours door and ASK politely if you can get it back.  Do NOT just sneak over the fence and hope you don't get caught.  Say sorry and use that smile.

A big thing one teacher tried to drum into my boys was to SMILE. Turn on your charm and think positive. A smile will smooth over many situations and is much better than getting your back up and going into battle.

Basic respect and courtesy will get you much further in life compared to a grump and a scowl.

What have I missed? What common courtesy's do you wish kids today did more often?