My weekend reality vs What I would really love to be doing

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Friday night in the BZ house consists of an early dinner so we can rush off to Auskick as soon as daddy gets home and stand in the cold for an hour while Jnr BZ gets his crazy on!

Tonight is the final session so there will also be a BBQ and presentation after wards. CUTE but not really where I would prefer to be on a Friday night.

I would much rather be sipping a cocktail in a quiet bar by a nice cosy fireplace with a couple of friends and my hubster. NEVER gonna happen.

Saturday mornings consist of swimming lessons - again for Jnr BZ. We get to sit and watch him splash around like a crazy person with the occasional attempt to listen and actually learn something thrown in on the side.

Followed by a trip to the supermarket to source something for dinner and an attempt to clean the house while the kids trash it as I go. I really should also spend some time sorting out our taxes to get them lodged. Saturday night will include the usual family movie and the bedtime battle from hell.

I would much rather go out for a long breakfast with the family, take a slow stroll around Salamanca Market, maybe have a late lunch and then head out to gold class movies with just me and Hubby before coming home to some quality time, just the two of us. Not going to happen!

Sunday is Tweenie BZ's day with junior footy taking up our last day of the weekend. We do only have two games left so that is a bonus!

This week we will need to be on the road by 9:30 am (not too early, but early enough for me!) to travel for an hour to his game. Stand in the cold for an hour or so, then rush back home and head off to BIL's birthday afternoon tea.

With SNOW forecast, the game may even be cancelled. (I am not clapping my hands, I promise)

Come home with the kids on a sugar high, grab supplies from the supermarket ready for school lunches, finalise taxes and get them all sent off, then start the usual back to school routine so we are organised for Monday morning.  Weekend gone!

I would much rather sleep in until lunchtime, go out for a champagne brunch, stroll around Kmart, visit the produce markets and come home for an afternoon nap before someone cooks me a roast dinner with all the trimmings and a nice soak in the bath before calling it a night. OH THE DREAM!

Do you ever get to do anything you REALLY want to do on the weekends? Or is it all focused on "kid stuff" like mine?