You are my favourite pain in the A%$ #husbandfails

As Story of This Life said - "If you have a man living in your house then this will probably look all too familiar."

He lives in most homes, particularly those that have babies. Maybe he was always like this, even before you hooked up and had a baby. But somehow, once you both became parents, you turned into your mum (nurturing, caring, actually able to see AND clean mess) and he became, well, a 15 year old … Sound familiar?  Ahem!

I do have to admit, my husband is actually not that bad. But I am raising two boys, I am determined I will teach them better if it kills me. Stop leaving a mess! That does not live there!

The one thing that I do find frustrating, is the forgetfulness. Men really never do listen.

Lucky it is mums job to keep track of all the school activities and homework etc. Otherwise we could be in BIG trouble.

Does it always HAVE to be my job though?  Can't you just once take on the task of helping with sight words and remembering to push the kids to READ!  I am sooo sick of repeating the same conversations nightly.  Can't someone else do it for a change?  JUST ONCE!

Does this video seem very familiar to you?  What habit really drives you insane? Share your #husbandfails