Rabbit makes a mess

Once upon a time there was a rabbit, a mouse and a cat.

One day, they went into a village and rabbit made a big mess. Cat went into a house and trashed the place, while mouse found a cartwheel and he started rolling around on it.

The rabbit hopped into the car with the cat in the back, and the mouse made his own seat while the rabbit started to drive.

He drove down a big hill, and crashed into a big rock. Luckily they were all OK!

Then the mouse found some bird wings and made himself a raft but when he hit the water it sunk.

He had to swim back up to the bank. Luckily there was a lifeguard to save the day.

Mouse ran up the hill to meet his friends and all of a sudden they fell into a big hole. Some builders heard them cry and helped lift them out with a crane. The rabbit invited them home for tea to say thank you and made a special cake. 


As told to me by Master six. 

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