Letter to my tweenager - you drive me mental but you are SO worth it!

I sat beside your bed for 18 looong days hoping to god that you were going to be OK.
I watched machines take your every breath. I heard your cries in the dark when there was no-one there.
I held you close when times got tough. My little fighter, you fought and won.

I walked the floor with you every night wishing you would just give in and stop the bedtime fight.
I have kissed your boo boos and wiped your tears. I support you through all your greatest fears.

I have heard you thump and bang and shout.
I have shut the door and wished I could lock you out.

We fight, we argue, we say I'm sorry.

Deep down you are still my "little boy" just wanting to be loved and protected from it all.

It's a tough gig this transition into teen years. But I want you to know - I got your back!

You have already been through the toughest fight anyone could ever face. You can do this.

You drive me crazy, your attidue sux but you know what? You are SO totally worth it.

Never forget that.