Be smart with your family health and antibiotics

Antibiotics are losing their power and antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to human health today. You can make a difference this winter. Join the fight against antibiotic resistance.


  • I will not ask for antibiotics for colds and the flu as they have no effect on viruses
  • I understand that antibiotics will not help me recover faster from a viral infection
  • I will only take antibiotics in the way they have been prescribed
  • I understand that it is possible to pass on antibiotic resistant bacteria to others
  • I will make a greater effort to prevent the spread of germs by practising good hygiene
This is something that is often on my mind. As a child I had tonsilitis a LOT! But my doctor was reluctant to remove them so I was put on a course of antibiotics for six months. Yes. SIX MONTHS!  Boy does my gut suffer for that today.

As you can imagine I am reluctant to take them at all now and actually have developed an allergy to penicillin and cephalexin since. Which both my boys seemed to inherit as well.

If we can avoid medications I try my very hardest.  Panadol and nurofen are usually my limit. Zinc and Vitamin C are great mates of ours.

Until last year when I decided to fight a bout of tonsilitis myself. I thought I was doing the right thing by avoiding putting more drugs into my system.  Little did I know I was actually putting my system through hell for fighting it.  I ended up quite unwell and this showed on my skin the worse.  (warning not nice images)

It took me six months to recover, but still today I have the red scarring. They can not really tell me if it was because I fought the infection for so long and it took hold of my immune system instead, or if in fact it was the course of antibiotics I finally took that triggered the reaction. Either way I am not allowed to risk that again and at the first sign of a bad throat I have been encouraged to get antibiotics.  (thankfully it has been 18mths since my last dose *touch wood*)

SO while yes I agree we need to really be careful about taking medication I also believe we need to look after ourselves better and not be scared to go to the doctor for treatment if we feel something just isn't right.

It is your body and you are the best person to stand up for yourself when required.  NEVER wait until it is too late and create other issues for yourself.

Look after YOU! We only get one chance.