You know you've totally lost your marbles when....

My "baby" starts full time school this year. He will be a big Prep boy, sucked up into the big boy attitude that comes with school life. Kill me now!

I turn forty this year. FORTY!  WTF? I am feeling so screwed by that thought. Maybe because that means the next point is totally out of the question. (For me, anyway)

I keep thinking about babies. BABIES! Again... WTF!? Whhhhy???

I really want a tattoo. Say what? I am not a tattoo gal. I am little miss plain. Why the thoughts of a tatt?

See where I am going here?

When our first born started big school I had a baby at home to occupy my mind. There is five years between our boys. Does that explain why I am now thinking of babies again?  I think so. I think combined with that fact and the knowledge that I am turning 40, which has always been my absolute cut off for ever having any more children, I have already started the mourning process.

I am definitely at the point of totally losing my marbles all because my baby will be out from under my wing and I am feeling the "oldness" (YES, that's a word!) creep in each and every day.

Why do they have to grow up??  Make it stop!

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I feel the same way Tracy - make it slow down, better yet make it stop xx