How to survive school holidays when you work from home.

School holidays and the world of the WAHM do not go hand in hand. I have to admit it has been one hell of a ride so far. I have already told them never again. Next School hols they will be in a holiday program.

I do think my problem is, I don't plan activities. So for the next three weeks I am going to try harder to make sure they are set up to keep occupied for a few hours, while I get my work done.  Fingers crossed these few ideas help me get through the rest of the holidays without totally losing my mind. Wish me luck!

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Get out the cricket bat and do a "quick field" in between working.
Puddles outside? Let them go crazy and burn off some energy.
Let them loose in the kitchen. Loads of easy recipes here
Get creative in the backyard

Get out the board games
Get them busy making a volcano

Beautiful day outside? Send them out to play with water. Great ideas here
Set them up to create a self portrait
Send them outside with a paint brush and water paints to get creative   


Maxabella said…
You've definitely got to have a plan, Trace. The kids are great at entertaining themselves, but only if you give them strict instructions on what's happening and when. I hope you found your happy balance in the end. School's back soon!! x