The ginger cat and the dog save the day!

Written as told by five year old Cohen.

There once was a ginger cat that lived inside and it ate cat food all day and night. It snuck out the cat door and went to find a piece of meat.

When the cat returned he ate the mouse. The cheese popped out when he ate the mouse and went everywhere!

Then the exterminator come to kill the mouses so the cat had nothing to eat. Only cat food!

He was very sad that he had nothing to eat, so he snuck out the cat door again and went outside to live, and never got dirty.

Then there was a dog that snuck in the cat door, and the cat went MEOW you are not allowed in the house, now I will eat you.

The dog got inside, the cat comed with him, and the dog went RARRRR and the cat was dead.

The dog was devastated to kill his friend.

Then he found a new ginger cat friend, they never hurt each other, they were best friends.

They found a fire, they got their spit and spitted all over the fire, then the fire brigade come and washed out all the fire.  The cat and dog were amazed and they were fire pets now.

They lived happily ever after.

The end.

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Unknown said…
Wow. That is an awesome story. I love cats and dogs. Can't wait to read another adventure!