Play School themed birthday party

Via Pinterest
Why have I never thought of a Play School party?  Do you think it might be a bit late for my boys, nearly 11 & 6 (jokes!)

I fail to look outside the box when I party plan, obviously.

I would have loved to throw a Play School party for them. Especially with a Humpty cake!  In love.

Check out some pretty cool ideas for a Play School themed party found via Pinterest....

Grab the ABC book of children's cakes here

Via Pinterest

Jemima cake via Pinterest

Humpty cake via Pinterest

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Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
Apple race cars via Kidspot

Ballerina pops via Kidspot

Funny face bikkie via Kidspot

Strawberry mice via Kidspot

Stained glass window sandwich via Kidspot
Tiny teddies in the bath via Kidspot
Pancake pops via Kidspot
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