Icy treats for a summery day

The best thing about Summer is the tasty icy treats you get to indulge in on those hot summer days.
Sorbet, icecream, icypoles, slushies, fruit salad, gelato.  Mmmm the choices!

Chill Factor have some great recipes onsite if you are looking for something new. Check them out here!

There are SO many delicious recipes on Pinterest. I have added just a handful of them below, for loads more check out Pinterest HERE.

I have also included some fab ideas to freeze those icy treats.

7x delicious Home made pops via 84th and 3rd
3x fresh fruit pops via Mom Endeavors

Via Chill Factor
Ice cream in a can via Kidspot
Choc mint ice cream balls via Kidspot
Lemon sorbet via Kidspot
Banana, mango and raspberry sorbet via Kidspot

Nutella pop via Kidspot
No drip ice block via Kidspot

Creamy mango via Kidspot

Tropical fruit via Kidspot
Homemade pops via Princess Pinky Girl
Zoku ice cream maker from Lime Tree Kids

Zoku slush and shake maker via Lime Tree Kids
Monster push pops from Homewares Direct
Chill Factor jelly maker from Big W
Chill factor ice cream maker or slushy maker
Silicone moulds - I have purchased these at Kmart recently or Amazon
Zip pop ice block tubes