Rainbow inspired party theme

I have shared our cute rainbow themed baby shower previously but I wanted to expand onto that and give you some more ideas for an awesome rainbow inspired party....

Spotty plates, serviettes and cups from The Party Parlour
Windmills from Invite Me

Rainbow windmill
Rainbow lolly bag via Invite Me
Rainbow candy box from Invite Me
Rainbow paper plate from Invite Me
Rainbow cups from Invite Me
Rainbow napkin from Invite Me
Rainbow plate from Party Parlour
Rainbow tissue decoration from Party parlour
Rainbow milk bottle from Love the Occasion
Rainbow party kit from Love the Occasion
Paper yoyos from TLBC
Rainbow lollipop from TLBC
Now for the tasty stuff....

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
Rainbow cake via Kidspot
Rainbow cupcakes via Kidspot
Rainbow jelly from Kidspot
Rainbow cake from Kidspot

More rainbow party ideas via Pinterest here.

Rainbow flag bunting from Eat a Rainbow