Feather dreaming...

May and Belle print
 Ever since Master C was little he has always loved feathers. If he sees one on the ground anywhere he just has to collect it. He would have hundreds by now if I had kept them all.  (Not sure why I didn't now?!)  I have of late seen more and more gorgeous feather arts and designs around the traps and really love what I see. Here is just a few I have spotted lately...
Temp tatt Via Etsy

Temp tatt Via Etsy

Wooden feather catcher Via Zilvi

Via Charli Mae

Via Love the Occasion
Wood feather garland from Zilvi
Feather print from Hard to Find
Feather wall art from Hard to Find
Feather print from DTLL
Wooden feather necklace from DTLL
Feather bookends from DTLL
Feather quilt from Adairs
Feather nails via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

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