"Stuff" that all mums need to keep sane

As a mum you need some "stuff" just for you. Something to keep you sane, make you feel special or just pick you up a bit when you're in a bit of a funk.

Some days all it takes is a slick of lipbalm, while other days you need the full package - chocolate, wine and a long soak in the tub. (Or a quick shower if we are keeping it real)

Flowers and candles are one of my fave pick me ups. What about you? 

I love my Butter London top coat, no waiting around while your nails dry!  Available from Adore beauty

Lanolips 101 Ointment is my fave go to lip balm. You can also get tinted. Available from Adore Beauty

Wipes. Lets face it, they are handy for more than just little bums.
A hit of chocolate when all else fails. Recipe via Kidspot
Flowers and candles. Little things to brighten your day.

A good scrub to help wash away the blues. Myscrub is my new fave!

A good glass of wine always helps you unwind at the end of another hectic day.

A bit of pampering never goes astray!

Rainbows! We all need a rainbow. You can't have a rainbow without a little rain.
Of course we can't forget the gadgets that often keep us grounded.
The good old I's. Internet, iPhone, iPad.
One word. COFFEE!
Cuddles. When all else fails, just cuddle up and breath in the innocence of youth.
A soak in the tub with a trashy mag, wine and nice smelly bubble bath. Heaven!

Never forget your dreams. Hold them tight and remind yourself often that one day you will make them come true.
Comfort food - Chicken noodle soup

Reminders of what it is all about....

What "stuff" do you reach for when you need a bit of a pick me up?

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