So we can't gloat about our birth experience now?

I just half read an article on about women gloating after birth and how it needs to be toned down. I say half read, because I got so frustrated I had to click onto something else.  Read here >  Pregnant and new mothers who boast on social media: It’s time to stop 

We should be allowed to shout from the roof tops how successful our labour was, or on the contrary, how things didn't turn out as planned but hey mum and bub are both healthy.  We should never need to lie, or feel like we can't share our excitement and how damn proud we are of ourselves. It's a bloody huge thing, not something we should have to play down.

Breastfeed, bottle feed, MCNs or disposables, co-sleep or controlled crying. I do NOT give two hoots! As long as YOU and your baby are happy and doing well then I couldn't give a rats arse how you are doing that.

I had what I call two "natural labours" but the fact that I was induced with both boys apparently doesn't class as natural.  Pffft!  It does in my book.  I delivered naturally, shot of pethadine with both boys, and I kicked myself second time around because within minutes of me having the pethadine shot I was ready to push.  BUT my MCHN told me later that it was most likely the pethadine shot that relaxed me enough to get things moving. Who knows?!

It was what happened after labour that I wish I had been prepared for. I wish I had of been told about the things that can go wrong and throw you into a tailspin.  It is NOT all rainbows and butterflies.

I DO agree that it is important that we share the real side of parenting and not just the warm fuzzy stuff. Pretending that everything is all hunky dory, while struggling along is never a good idea.

Keep parenting real!