Is it really a crime to spoil our kids on their birthday's?

I have mentioned before how much I LOVE party planning and all things party. However that doesn't mean the kids get a party every year.  Not a big one anyway. Even if it is only family and a special dinner at home I still like to add some special touches and spoil them silly.  You only get to celebrate for such a short time, why not make the most of it!

Kids’ parties can get out of control, I am the first to admit that. Do children really need a 90-minute party package for $695 for 12? Or their own petting zoo and jumping castle with face paint? Not really. But if you can afford to go crazy every year, then why not? Who does it really hurt? They are only little once!

It doesn't have to be expensive though, homemade cakes and special decorations are so much easier to do these days thanks to Pinterest, and cost next to nothing! You will be surprised what you can put together on a tiny budget and with limited time.

Richmond footy cake

Why the McJudgey pants when a parent puts in the effort to create a beautiful theme for their child? It doesn't mean they are trying to start a party war. It just means they love a good party and have the inspiration and passion to create a grand shindig. No need to feel threatened or get defensive and wave the white flag.  We ALL do our best and celebrate in our own way. Not everyone has a passion for party planning, that's OK. We don't judge you for that at all. So don't get antsy when others do put their love of parties into practice for their little ones. Be happy for them, and give them a pat on the back. That's all they want. It is FUN and you never know, you might even get some inspiration. Or not. That's totally your call!

Mario cake

Why does everything about kids & parenting have to be judged?  Enjoy the little things, together! 

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