7 things to avoid saying to a SAHM

News.com.au has put together seven things you should never say to a SAHM unless you are looking for a shit fight.

Be warned! 

“So what do you DO all day?”
“I think it’s important for my kids to have a mother who works.”
“Must be relaxing.”
“You’re so LUCKY to be able to stay at home.”
“What happens if you get divorced?”
“I’d lose my mind, I’d go so crazy.”
“My nanny just bailed on me. Could I drop my kids off with you?”

Even though I am a WAHM I think people believe I just sit around all day with loads of spare time on my hands.  I wish!

What question is your most hated as a stay at home mum?


Unknown said…
Not a question but a comment : "you're so lucky to get to sit on the couch all day" I WISH!