20 Dairy free recipes

Sadly, dairy is not my friend. I discovered this in my later years, but realise when I look back now that it always made me feel unwell. I just never wanted to admit it.

Milkshakes as a child always made me feel sick. I just figured it was because I drank too much milk.  Derrr!

If you struggle like me to find anything tasty to cook, I have listed a few suggestions below...

* Healthy curried chicken noodle stirfry

* Lamb Minestrone Soup

* Chicken, Chorizo and Sundried Tomato Risotto (leave out parmesan)

* Sweet potato and chorizo risotto (leave out parmesan)

* Spicy chicken noodle soup

* Meatball Medley

* 4 ingredient Mango chicken curry

* Dairy free Curried Sausages  

* Dairy free Seafood Chowder

* Tuna risotto - Dairy free 

*Sausage and roast vegetable bake with rosemary and balsamic 

*One-pan Chicken Couscous

*Beef osso bucco and risoni soup

*Dairy-free chocolate fudge cake

*Honey-orange dairy free cake

*Dairy-free banana bread

*Chicken and spinach bake

*Dairy-free lasagne 

*Dairy-free muffins

*Fudgy Brownies