Beef osso bucco and risoni soup

I have made Curtis Stone's beef osso bucco and chunky vegetable soup a few times now and put my own little twist on it for the past couple of batches. Very filling and a great soul warmer on a wintery day with some yummy crusty bread.


    500g beef osso bucco
    1 tbsp olive oil
    1 Bay leaf
    1 tsp cumin
    4 - 6 cups beef stock
    Half jar Passatta
    Sprinkle of chilli and garlic
    Squirt of thyme - Gourmet herbs tube
    Cracked pepper
    Carrot - sliced
    Celery - sliced
    Parsnip - sliced
    Green beans
    Pumpkin - diced
    Cherry tomatoes

Add all ingredients to a pot.

Cover and simmer gently over low heat for 2-3 hours until meat is tender.

Using a slotted spoon, remove osso bucco from the soup and transfer to a chopping board. When cool enough to handle, remove and discard membranes and bones. Cut meat into pieces. Return meat to soup.

Add a couple of handfuls of risoni and simmer until softened.  Serve with crusty bread.