My baby headed off to Kinder. LeapReader is now our best buddy!

The first ever reading and writing system for children, LeapReader, is helping Aussie kids prepare for school.

Designed to help children become confident, independent readers and writers by learning to build reading fundamentals, sound out words, read sentences and trace letters.

My baby started Kinder this year and I have often felt he was not quite up to standards with his writing for a big school boy.  Thanks to LeapReader we have seen some great improvement and watched his confidence blossom. He loves "playing" with the reader and often doesn't even realise he is learning LOADS at the same time.  We love it and highly encourage others to check it out.

According to Victoria University College of Education Professor Nicola Yelland, the new LeapReader encourages children to read because it is fun to use, but also allows them to playfully explore each book or game via a series of interconnected activities and games.

As Professor Yelland points out, toys like the LeapReader are only as good as the library that supports them.

“What I like about the LeapReader materials I have interacted with is their broad range and scope,” Professor Yelland said. “The range includes basic readers which support the development of vocabulary and strategies to decode words, and then ventures into popular culture with Monsters’ University, Toy Story 3 and Dora the Explorer, for example.”

“Additionally, there are sets of materials on the Human Body and our Solar System which are very informative and will stimulate a young child’s interest in the topics. They can explore the body, for example, on their own or be guided by questions from the LeapReader.

“I am impressed by the range of strategies used in these activity books on focused science topics.”

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