Slack blogger confession

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Please forgive me for I have sinned. It has been nearly three months since my last confession.
So much has come and gone, yet I feel like that time has gone and nothing has changed.

Christmas. New Years. School holidays. All come and gone, and I missed out big time. 

I got sick towards the end of November and here we are two months later and I am still battling it out.

This is me....  (BE WARNED!)

No worse, slightly better with 10 UV treatments to date ( 3 x a week) and prescription cream, but a long road ahead still I predict. 

Apparently it is Guttate Psoriasis.

Who knows why...

Maybe it was the strep throat infection. Maybe it is my immune system throwing in the towel.  Maybe it is my gut sick of the dairy and gluten being fed to it.  Maybe it is a sign of too much stress, and too much bottling up.

Really, who knows.  All I really want now is for it to GO AWAY!  Leave me alone, never to return.

So I continue UV treatment, and cream after cream, along with a million supplements and some diet changes, I have my fingers crossed extra tight I will soon get my normal me back and ditch these layers that are driving me mental during Summer.

Wish me luck!


Angie Cross said…
OMG Trace, you poor thing!! That nust be driving you crazy. Hope the new changes work asap
Kim maxwell said…
Psorasis is horrible, I have heard Deri Sal from livestock stores works really well, good luck.
Consider dietary intervention.
You are spot on Nick! I have been advised to watch dairy and gluten as well as a good liver cleanse and gut care.