A month and a half

I have been quiet of late, someone may have noticed.

It has been a crazy month and I just never seem to find the head space to sit and let two words of any kind form together.

Started with Master four getting a slight cold that turned into strep throat and three doctors visits before we knew it. Antibiotics in hand, fights daily to get him to take them, and lots of vomit and gag reflex.  That lasted a week of lethargy, limpness, tears, and tiredness from all.

Just as we thought things were settling down master nine started complaining with a sore throat and a temp. Another doctor visit and more antibiotics to administer for tonsilitis. He doesn't cope with temps so chuck in some horrible hallucinations and that was me again for another week or so.

It has taken him two weeks at least to get over the fear of the hallucinations. He has only the past two nights gone to bed again with the light off.  They really scared him!  It has been a nightly bedtime battle of tears and excuses.

Toss in lots of blood noses from big bro and little bro still coughing all the time and getting grumpy more than usual and we are slowly looking to get back on track.  Well you would think!

Pick Master four up from childcare on Wednesday only to be greeted by a little boy with a very red and puffy eye.  Further investigation spotted some green gunk.  So we rush off to the chemist to get some drops to treat conjunctivitis.  He woke up on Thursday with it in BOTH eyes.  Arrrggghh!!!!

It must be our time for a run of good health now I believe.

As I try to push back the self pity I have been drawn to a few other peoples worries this week and it has made me greatful that all these things were really only fairly minor problems, and certainly easily treated.

In the end we are lucky to all be together and of reasonable health despite the odd bug trying to drag us down.