Water games to keep the kids cool this Summer

Staying cool during the hot Summer months is tricky business. Top that off with water restrictions and you can be very limited on options to keep the kids cool and occupied. 

If you can hit the beach, river, local pool or backyard pool then you are set. 

But if not it is worth remembering to keep the bath water and reusing it for water games to keep the kids cool. Fill up water bombs and water pistols for a bit of a giggle. Fill up a paddle pool with the used bath water and let the kids go crazy.

If you are really limited pop them in the bath, or fill a bucket with a small amount of water and give them a couple of paint brushes to get creative with. Get out the chalk. Kitchen strainer. Kitchen funnel. Pots and Pans.  Anything that can make a bit of water play more exciting.  Chuck the Lego men in and give them a bath or watch them battle it out!

When you have finished with the pool water give the plants a good drink. 

Slippery slides are always a hoot too!

Freeze toys in ice cubes for kids to play with until the ice melts and the toy is free.

Freeze fruit in cool shapes to keep the kids hydrated. 

Give em a bucket and sponge and let them loose on the windows or car while getting crazy wet! 

Fill a spray bottle with water and let them loose on each other. Or the windows if you can convince them.  Even grab a couple of match box cars and have a race. See who can "squirt" their car over the finish line first. 

Try and fill a cup with water just by squirting it with a spray bottle.  First one to fill the cup wins!

An old tarp a couple of bars of soap and some water will keep them busy for hours having a "boat" race.

Fill a pinata with water and watch their faces when they realise the surprise! 

Bath their favourite doll or teddy.

Fill a balloon with water and freeze.  Animal shaped balloons are fun.

Frozen Marbles - Fill water balloons with 1 part cornstarch, 1 part water and food colouring, and then freeze. Peel off balloon and you have giant frozen marbles.

Fill up some water balloons and use them for a ball with a soft bat.

If water is not restricted at all then consider turning the sprinkler on under the trampoline and supervising some slippery fun.

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