No pink to be seen for miles

Pink you say.
Today's prompt for FMS photo a day is "pink". Should be easy right?

So why can't I think of anything to snap?

I realised today just how "anti pink" I am.

I look around and see lots of red and blue. Charcoal. Chocolate brown. White. Black.

No pink!

My wardrobe has lots of blue tones and black. My shoes are black. Teal green. Tan. Red.

Not even a pink marshmallow or musk stick to be found in the house at the moment.

I am surround by Blue. Living in a male dominant household. Even the fur baby is male! I think I have been converted. 

I did find a little pink pair of earrings Master BZ got me for Mother's Day. And I also had a pink chevron bag in my Christmas gift stash.

I'm not a pink person. Nup. No pink

Do you love a splash of pink? What is your POP colour usually?


Being a Mum of 7 - 5 boys+ 2 girls I am a non-pink person too!! I have always been non-pink!!
I love black and the citrus type colours ...