Why do I keep doing it to myself....... Originally posted on Kidspot, June 5 2010

Originally posted on Kidspot, June 5 2010

I am a Mother to a heart kid.

Childhood Heart Disease is far greater than most people expect, I know I for one had NO IDEA how bad it was until we had our first born.

6 babies each day in Australia are diagnosed with heart disease!


Most of you know the story so I want drag it out again. If you arent aware you can read a short run down about it here.

I just feel that maybe I need to do something to help me move past this time in our life, it WAS 6yrs ago after all.

It still breaks my heart everytime I look at photos or read stories about other children suffering heart conditions.

This sentence jumped out at me tonight.........

Childhood heart disease is no fault of the parents or the child. It is simply a result of the cruel hand of fate

It is hard to accept that reasoning though, it MUST have been something I did or didnt do, why else would it happen?

I am thinking I need to do some kind of photo montage (spl?) to help me move on....

I know it would be FAR too gruesome to share publicly though, but there is a heart kids FB page where families share their stories and photos etc. My main concern with that is that when I publish them on the heart kids wall my family and friends will also be subjected to the images and I really dont want to do that to people either.

So I guess its something I have to do for me.....just me and hope that in some way it helps me move on and ease the pain.

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