What an eventful day....... October 26, 2009

Originally posted on Kidspot October 26, 2009

Woke up to a grumpy baby most of the night and then first thing friday morning Hubby brings him in and tells me the baby feels quite hot. Check his temp and it was 38.5, which I know isnt drastic but still its a temp.

He has some bottle and then we gave him a dose of panadol which he immediately brings back up along with the contents of his bottle, so we run him a bath and strip him off to find a rash starting on his belly.

Hubby was getting ready for work, and I was trying to get myself showered and ready ro ring the GP's as soon as they opened up so I could take him in for a check up.

I ring the GP and get our appt and put bub to bed in the meantime to have a snooze before we go.

I had to wake him up to go and we end up sitting in the waiting room for 45mins ........grrr!!

Meanwhile his rash is getting worse and he developed a horrible red/purple mark under his eye.  Which I just thought was either a slight eczema or part of the rash etc.

The GP took one look at his eye and said Im VERY concerned about that eye who is your Paed??

She wasnt too fussed about the temp or rash, said that was most likely all a virus.

She was ringing or Paed on her mobile and leaving a message saying that she wanted her to see us otherwise she was referring us onto the hospital.........I was sitting there thinking WTF!!   WHY?????

She told me she was concerned the eye was an infection called 'orbital cellulitis"  of course silly me said "oh ok, so a cream will fix it??"

She was like 'No you need to get him to hospital on an IV drip'.........(cue tears)

I was then madly trying to get Hubby home from work and Poppy to look after logan.

Skip ahead................

We arrive at the ED around 2:30p and end up sitting in emergency for 6hrs and finally get sent home at 9 pm with a viral diagnosis.

The ED doctor dismissed the eye infection pretty rapidly and by that point he was covered in spots but from what she could tell its all just part of some virus he has picked up.

Lucky bub was a perfect angel all the time, I think he had at least 3x naps while we were sitting there!!

I will be avoiding that place like the plague from now on i tell you.....

Im pd off the GP sent us there, even though I know its better to be safe than sorry.....

I know we would have thanked her if she was right....;0)